Last Rites

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Rated: PG
DISCLAIMER: All characters and events with out this story are the property of Joss Whedon ,Mutant enemy and the WB network.
Notes: This story takes place shortly after the second season finally. [thoughts]


The snow fell softly over the street. Everything was covered with snow and engulfed in fog.

"Why is it snowing? What's happening " Willow screamed into the darkness. Then the voices came. Too soft and too loud to make out , the voices all seemed to come from the same person or thing crying out at her.

"Where am I ? Why are you calling to me? Please just ANSWER me".

Willow awoke in a cold sweat. Her head ringing with pain.

[Another dream] she thought. Her hand instinctively reached for the phone. Got a problem? No problem , just call Buffy and it'll all be fixed. She slowly placed the receiver back down. Buffy was gone. No one knew where. Then the thoughts crept back into Willow's mind.

[ What if Buffy died fighting Angel? What if her curse had worked and the two of them ran off together? What would she do without her best friend?]

Part One

"Willow? Willow? Hey, ground control to major Tom Willow" Xander impatiently clicked his fingers in front of Willow's nose.

"Huh, oh sorry what were you saying?"

"Did you study for the biology finals?"

"Ohmygod , is that today?"

"Yeah. Did you study?"

"No I , um I did but it's like a blank all of a sudden."

"Never fear Xander's here. You can copy my paper."

"No offense Xander , but I'd probably do better just guessing."

"Oh yee of little faith. It just so happens I've been prepared for this situation."

"Wrote the answers on your leg?"

"Has it ever failed me ?"

The two shared a laugh as Oz and Cordelia approached. The couples paired off for a kiss before continuing their conversation.

"Any news from Buffy yet?" asked Oz.

"Yeah is she like dead or something , cause she's already skipped two weeks of school" Cordelia added.

"My , do I sense a note of concern in your voice? Xander said sarcastically.

"No, it's just that if something else tries to kill us all and destroy the world. Ohmygod, what would happen to me? I think Buffy is being totally selfish."

"I don't know guys. We still don't know what happened to her after the battle with Angel" said Oz.

"She's all right. I know it. She just needs time to deal with everything that's happaned.She just needs some time."

"Yeah , Willow's right. Oh look at the time. I hate to be the one to say this but I've gotta get to class. Any one coming with?."

"Yeah Xander , I'm going to class too" replied Cordelia.

"We'll catch up with you" Oz answered back.

Xander and Cordelia walked off hand in hand.

"So , are you coming to my gig on friday?"

"Of course I am. What time are you guys playing at?"

"It's not really decided yet. It's kind of a battle of the bands thing , so we go on when ever. The whole thing starts at nine.

"Great. I'll be there.?"

"Want me to pick you up before the show?"

"Sure. I'm looking forward already."

"Come on. Let's get to class."

Part Two

The snow fell and the fog formed.Willow was alone again in this horrible nightmare. The voices came, clearer now than they had ever been. They cried out in whispering screams.

"How did you do this to me".

"What have you done to me".

Willow couldn't move, couldn't speak. She could only listen to the cries of anguish and rage. Finally Willow fond the will to speak.

"What did I do?"

The fog cleared and Willow awoke alone and trembling.

Part Three

Giles placed the paper he was reading down. Cleaned off his glasses and looked around the library. As he returned to his paper Xander and Willow entered the room.

"What's up G-man" Xander said with a cocky grin.

"You're certainly chipper today. What's the occasion?"

"You can say hello to the new Mr. I passed biology."

"Wrote the answers on your leg?"

"How does everyone know that? Any way it doesn't matter, no not today. For today I feel like Einstein or something."

"Xander, Einstein studied physics" Willow added.

"I said or something didn't I? Watcha reading there Giles? Oh of course the reading choice of all proud Sunnydalers. The mortality report."

"I thought they stopped printing that on the account the writers and editors all got killed?" asked Willow.

"They did , this is an old copy from three months ago. I've been comparing it to the current death rate , and it appears like vampire activity is at an all time low."

"And this is a bad thing because" Xander said getting in his two cents.

"Well it makes sense, with Spike and Drusilla leaving town and all. The vampires have no one to lead them."

"That's a good theory Willow , but it might not be that simple. It could be that they are preparing for something big. I shall continue my research I see what I can turn up."

"I have an idea"

"What is it Xander?"

"What if we go one a patrol tonight?"

"Absolutely not. It is far too dangerous."

"Hey I'm not saying we go out and get kill happy, I'm just saying we go and see what we can see. You know keep the Sunnydale vampire population down a little."

"I kind of like Xander's plan myself. Besides there'll be four of us , and we won't put ourselves in any danger."

"Yeah , pretty please. With sugar on top."

"Very well. But take extreme caution , and stay together."

Part Four

That night the slayerettes met at the Sunnydale cemetery.

"Okay, let's go over the battle plan. Cordelia you're the bait. Oz you hide in that bush and wait for Cordy to scream, that's your cue to come out guns ablazin. Willow you hide in that bush , same cue."

"What are you going to do?" asked Oz.

"Me? I'm tree guy. I hide in that tree and wait for the cue , then I jump down and kick some vampire butt!"

"Why do I have to be the bait?"

"Cause no one on earth can scream quite like you. Remember keep your walkie-talkies on at all times. Let's move out."

As the slayerettes scurried to take their places , the silent eyes watched from the darkness.

[ How could I get close to her? She's never alone. ] If there's one thing a vampire knows is how to wait. To wait for the right time to strike.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" The cue had been sound and the slayerettes sprang into action. Two vamps attacked Cordelia , but Oz managed to catch one off guard dusting him.

"You stupid little prick. You just killed my brother. I'm gone drain your blood and rip your scrawny little head off " screamed the enraged hulk of a demon. Xander jumped from the tree knocking the ox of a vampire down. He and Oz then took the only necessary course of action.

"Let's get out of here , NOW " cried Xander.

"You're not going any where little man " roared the vamp as he grabbed hold of Oz.

Oz closed his eyes and braced himself for what would come next. No pain just a light shower of dust that smelled like mold and cinder. Oz slowly opened his eyes.

"Thanks Xand......" Oz was shocked. It wasn't Xander before him it was a young girl.

"Buffy?" Oz asked as he cleared the dust from his eyes.

"You okay?" the girl asked.

Xander, Cordelia, and Willow stood in awe.

"Who are you?" Willow finally asked.

The slayerettes looked the girl over. She was at least 18 , about 5,9" with deep green eyes and dark copper hair. She was dressed in torn up black jeans and a dark green tank top. Finally after much hesitation she spoke.

"Name's Amber, I'm a vampire slayer."

"Then that means Buffy's ....." Willow couldn't finish her sentence as she choked back the tears.

"We'd better take her to see Giles " said Oz.

Part Five

"So , your the new slayer?" Giles said.

"New. I've been hunting these things for over 7 years."

"I see, tell me when did you arrive in Sunnydale?"

"Three days ago".

"Yes and who is your watcher? Could I contact them ?"

"Watcher? What are you talking about? And while we're on the topic of questions here's one for you.I'm looking for a demon."

"Well you sure came to the right place. Sunnydale has it all from vampires to praying mantis lady's to werewolves."


"Oh yeah , sorry Oz " Xander said.

"Please let me finish Amber".

"Hey , I'll start talking when you do old man."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean any thing by that. It's just I need to find this thing. I need to know what it is ,so I can kill it".

"Here's an idea , said Oz. Giles knows all about demons and stuff. If you help him I'm sure he'll help you . Right Giles " said Oz.

"Why yes of course".

"All right , you want to know about me . Fine , I'll tell you . When I was seven my family and I lived in New York. At that time I'd been having these nightmares. All I remember about them is the snow and fog. Always running from an invisible monster."

Willow's stomach turned at the mention of the fog. Her own nightmares sprang back to her mind as she listened on.

"The nightmares went on for months , the demon tortured me in my dreams tormenting me and mocking me. Of course no one believed a demon lived in my dreams , they all thought it was all childhood fantasy. Then on new years eve my family and I went out to the movies. We never made it there. It attacked killing my family and leaving me with both legs broken.It looked a lot like a vampire , only different in a way. When I recovered I began taking self defense classes , and kick boxing. It said it would be back for me. I needed to be ready. It followed me for years killing everyone I knew , mocking me . Every where it went it tolled me . It was like a sick game to that freak. Finally about three weeks ago it came to my dream. It begged my forgiveness and then it disappeared. After tracking it for eleven years I 'd gotten very good at getting inside it's head. I followed it here and that's when I met all of you. Are you satisfied?"

"Um, yes. I'm terribly sorry for what happened to you."

"Don't be Mr. Giles. Just help me kill it."

"Of course. From what you have described , I can definitely say that we are dealing with an Incubus."

"An ink you what ?" asked Cordelia.

"An Incubus. It's a relative of the vampire. How ever an Incubus feeds on the dreams of humans with similar brain patterns as it's own. Amber , you must have an identical brain pattern as this creature. That is why it has been tormenting you for all these years."

"But when it killed my family it drained their blood."

"Yes , an Incubi can feed off the blood of humans as well."

"So how do we kill it?"

"I'm not sure. I'll need to look it up."

"Good. Then I'll finally get to avenge them all."

"It might not be that simple Amber."

"What do you mean?"

"An Incubus is very similar to a vampire , but it is also very different. It is created the same way vampire is created only they are extremely rare. A particular defect in the brain is what makes them. I don't believe we will defeat it with out the slayer."

"Hello , head check here. We have five slayers right here now ."

"You are mistaken Amber. You are indeed a powerful and skilled vampire hunter , but you are not the slayer. The slayer is this world's only hope against the vampires and the demons ."

"So where is this mighty slayer any way?" The slayerettes passed nervous glances.

"She is on vacation for the time being. She will return with in a couple of weeks" Giles lied.

"Until then I suggest you all return home and get so rest, I'll begin researching this demon further."

With that said Giles left the slayerettes and retired to his office.

The silent eyes watched again . The older gentleman seemed to know much. [Maybe he could tell me what had happened ] And if he couldn't he knew that she could. [ God don't they ever clean these air ducts ? Oh well , thank goodness for dark places]

"So , Amber right? Do you have a place to stay while you're in Sunnydale?

"Xander!! " Cordelia hissed

"Cause I know some great hotel in the area " he quickly added.

"Thanks , but I'm already staying at the Sunnydale roach motel"

"Why Xander that's right in your area. Don't you live like two blocks away. You know right next to the liquor store and porno house."

"Okay Cordy , you've made your point and once again shattered my self-esteem the way only you can."

"Your welcome"

"If you guys are done bickering , I can give you a ride home Xander" offered Oz.

"Yes home , home to my booze and porn in the scumy side of town".

"Amber , you want a lift?"

"Sure . Thanks , um Oz right?"

"Right, Oz".

Oz , Xander , and Amber left the library through the back doors.

"I'm heading home too. Being bait always makes me need a shower. Willow , want me to drive you home?"

"No it's okay. I'll walk."

"Suit yourself. See ya later."

Cordelia left the library as well leaving only Giles , Willow , and the night stalker.


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