The Abracadabra Series

all stories by: Saber Shadow Kitten

Friendship Building
Willow is on a mission. Is Angel ready for her? (Rated PG)

Winter Break
The party continues... (Rated PG)

Jingle Bells
Buffy returns from Mexico to find a big change. (Rated PG)

Jump, Jive, an' Wail
A songfic interlude for Angel & Willow
Lyrics used: Brian Seltzer Orchestra (Rated G)

The gang is attacked at the school. Will they escape alive? (Rated PG-13)

In The Morning
Willow wakes up in a very interesting position. (Rated NC-17)

Research Party
The gang turns their research party into a slumber party. (Rated NC-17)

Willow The Witch
Willow finds out why the MIBs were after her. (Rated PG-13)

The First Time I Loved Forever
Angel thinks about the woman he loves. Poem by Melanie from Beauty & the Beast: The Series. (Rated G)

Senior Prom
Willow asks Angel to the prom. Lyrics by the Beatles and Chicago (Rated PG-13) (Dedicated to Chelle, Sam and their BtVS universes)

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Angel has to go to dinner at the Rosenberg's and Spike is still in town. (Rated PG)

A little revelation at a graduation party. (Rated NC-17)

What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Willow has to stop a new Master's plans, and she needs Angelus to help her. Content warning: Deals with the idea of Dominance/submission (Rated NC-17)

Power Play
Alternate Ending to What I Did... Willow learns what it is like to live as a vampire...and she likes it! Content warning: Deals with the idea of Dominance/submission (Rated NC-17)

What Buffy Did All Day
Because you wanted to know what happened. Takes place immediately following Chapter 11 in Power Play Buffy/Spike (Rated NC-17)

Whose Reality
Willow, Buffy & Spike get sent to a different reality - Joss' Buffyverse!
Crossover: Abracadabra-Power Play/Joss
Occurs during the episode Enemies
Lyrics: Rob Zombie
Warning: Includes some BSDM (Rated NC-17)


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