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Nora's Page

January 27, 2003.

Nora's WebPage

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Welcome To Nora's WebPagee

Hello. Welcome to my page. I'm Nora. I made this webpage originally when I was a freshman in high school... and have done a little bit of work on it since then - but not a lot.




A Little Bit About Nora
bulletI am now a Junior at Western Washington University. I am going to major in business marketing, however, I still don't know what I want to do...
bulletI now live in Bellingham, Washington (its near the Canadian border), but I grew up on Orcas Island. Not much for teenagers to do over there but get drunk, have sex, smoke pot, or sit at home and make webpages... D'oh.
bulletI was born in California near Monterey.
bulletI have TONS of pics... And someday soon, when I get a Round 'Tuit I'll put some of my newer ones up there... So if you happen to find an extra Round 'Tuit, I need it! But for now you can go look... if you sing the guestbook... hehehe.... So PLEASE.... go LOOK And then go sign my guestbook...   *****NEW PICS, NEW PICS****
bulletI AM A GENIUS!!! Check out my IQ test results!!! (OK SO I'm not THAT smart, but Oh well. NORA IS A GENIUS!!! If you want to know If this test is accurate... Well... Go to the IQ Test Validity page!!!
bulletApparently I'm a pink rubber duck.

Very cute, very pink, and very feminine. That's you.
Find your inner rubber ducky.

bulletLast, and probably least, here is a link to a webpage I made about the San Juans for my CS102 class. I really didn't do a very good job/try very hard, but here it is: The San Juans By Nora
bulletI've got about a million different ways to Contact Me.

bulletI also just started a journal online the day before Valentine's. So, if you've actually read this whole page, and still want more, You can go read it. But only if you promise not to think I'm always this much of a psycho, it's most just to vent. :P


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