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unidentified label 2D

(1) Aston Villa Leisure Centre (Birmingham, UK); April 2, 1995
(2) Brighton Centre (Brighton, UK); March 26, 1995
(3) Labatts Apollo (Manchester, UK); April 3, 1995

Tracklist: (1) Down In The Flood, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, All Along The Watchtower, What Good Am I?, Tombstone Blues, Tears Of Rage, Mr Tambourine Man, Desolation Row, To Ramona, Highway 61 Revisited, Jokerman, Lenny Bruce, Like A Rolling Stone, It Ain't Me Babe
(2) I Want You, Simple Twist Of Fate, Mama You Been On My Mind, Dignity, Man In The Long Black Coat, I Shall Be Released
(3) Gates Of Eden, Under The Red Sky

NOTE: Presumably cloned from One Hand Waving Free.