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(Plugged, Unplugged And Jamming Vol. 2)

no label 1CDR

(1) Municipal Auditorium (San Antonio, TX); May 11, 1976
(2) Gershwin Gala (New York, NY); March 11, 1987
(3) Westwood One Superstars In Concert broadcast (live 1986)
(4) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 17, 1987
(5) Sports Arena (Los Angeles, CA); April 20, 1987 [U2 concert]
(6) The Big Six-O (Austin, TX); April 28, 1993
(7) Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY); October 20, 1994
(8) ABC Theatre (Edinburgh, Scotland); May 20, 1966
(9) Eat The Document soundtrack
(10) Odeon (Glasgow, Scotland); May 19, 1966

Tracklist: (1) Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
(2) Soon
(3) It Ain't Me Babe, When The Night Comes Falling
(4) Go Down Moses
(5) I Shall Be Released, Knockin' On Heaven's Door [U2 w/Dylan]
(6) Pancho And Lefty [w/Willie Nelson]; Hard Times
(7) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Highway 61 Revisited [w/Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young]
(8) I Don't Believe You
(9) Tell Me Momma, Like A Rolling Stone, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, One Too Many Mornings
(10) Ballad Of A Thin Man

NOTE: The songs from Eat The Document are incomplete. Although attributed by the CD notes to Copenhagen, that identification is not quite certain, and "Tom Thumb's Blues" may be a composite of Copenhagen and Edinburgh.

rmd: The sound quality of tracks from ETD is not as good as that generally circulating on the film soundtrack. But the sound quality of "Thin Man" was somewhat better on this CD than what I've heard on tape and video of that particular performance. (RS)