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Scouser 3CDR

Tracklist: The Two Sisters (Karen Wallace Tape, May 1960); Young But Daily Growing (Carnegie Chapter Hall, 11/4/61); Corrina, Corrina (Freewheelin' outtake, 4/24/62); That's Alright Mama (Freewheelin' outtake, November 1962); Hero Blues (Freewheelin' outtake, 12/6/62); Long Time Gone (Witmark demo, March 1963); Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63); Guess I'm Doing Fine (Witmark demo, January 1964); Mr. Tambourine Man (Another Side outtake w/ Jack Elliott, 6/9/64); Mr. Tambourine Man (Newport Folk Festival, 7/26/64); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (BIABH outtake, 1/15/65); Lunatic Princess Revisited (Highway 61 outtake, 6/16/65); I Don't Want To Be Your Partner (Hawks session, 10/20/65); Freeze Out (Hawks session, 11/30/65); Does She Need Me 1 & 2 (Glasgow Hotel Tape, 5/19/66); Like A Rolling Stone (Royal Albert Hall, 5/26/66); I'm Not There, Young But Daily Growing, Banks Of The Royal Canal, Silent Weekend (Basement Tapes 1967); Wild Mountain Thyme (Isle Of Wight, 8/31/69); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (New Morning outtake, 6/4/70); Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (New Morning outtake, 6/2/70); George Jackson (single, 11/4/71); Goodbye Holly (Pat Garrett sessions, 1/20/73); House Of The Rising Sun (Planet Waves sessions, 11/2/73); Nobody 'Cept You (Planet Waves sessions, 11/2/73); Tangled Up In Blue (BOTT test pressing, 9/16/74); Abandoned Love (Other End, 7/3/75); People Get Ready (Renaldo And Clara EP, October 1975); The Water Is Wide (Eric Clapton sessions, 3/30/76); Repossession Blues (Rundown Studio rehearsals, 2/1/78); If You See Her Say Hello (Rundown Studio rehearsals, 1/30/78); Stop Now (Street Legal outtake, 5/2/78); Coming From The Heart (Street Legal outtake, 5/2/78); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell (Toronto, 4/20/80); Cover Down Break Through (Toronto, 4/19/80); Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar (San Francisco, 11/15/80); Magic (Shot Of Love worktape, April 1981); Heart Of Mine (Shot Of Love outtake, April 1981); Nadine (Lone Star Cafe, 5/29/88); We Three (Plugz rehearsals, March 1984); Almost Done (Beverly Theater rehearsals, 5/23/84); Almost Done (Verona rehearsal, 5/27/84); Freedom For The Stallion (Empire Burlesque sessions, November 1984); Something's Burning Baby (Empire Burlesque outtake, November 1984); To Fall In Love With You (Hearts Of Fire sessions, 8/27-28/86); Got Love If You Want It (Down In The Groove outtake, April 1987); Don't Keep Me Waiting Too Long (Grateful Dead rehearsals, April 1987); Everything Is Broken, Born In Time (Oh Mercy outtakes, March 1989); Most Of The Time (video, 3/2/90); Series of Dreams (Wolf Trap, 9/8/93).

DEEP: Approx 40% unreleased and, of the other 60%, most (if not all) is in superior quality to what is currently available on CD. Disks are over 70 minutes each. All in all, a much better collection than GBS Volume 1. I thought that collection more or less sucked. This one is different and well worth owning.

CDG: No one will be disappointed with this.

rmd: The tracks here seem equally good or superior in sound quality to other CD releases. The totally new material on GBS2 (disc 1) stands well enough on its own and is all knock-your-socks-off quality. (Bob Stacy)

NOTE: Fan-circulated clone of the original release, to which the excerpted comments were originally directed.