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Scouser DV 657 1CDR

(1) Record Plant (New York, NY); November 17, 1971
(2) Record Plant (New York, NY); November 20, 1971
(3) unidentified date/location
(4) Record Plant (New York, NY); November 17, 1971
(5) Rundown Studio (Santa Monica, CA); February 13, 1982

Tracklist: (1) Vomit Express, Going To San Diego, Om My Soul Shalom, Nurse's Song, Jimmy Berman Rag, Many Loves, Prajnaparamitra Sutra
(2) September On Jessore Road
(3) September On Jessore Road, September On Jessore Road, The Tyger
(4) A Dream
(5) Do The Meditation, Airplane Blues, Airplane Blues

NOTE: Officially released tracks in italics, all from various Ginsberg projects. Some or all of the unreleased tracks listed as November 17, 1971, as well as "A Dream," may be from the November 20 session. Dylan may not have been involved in the recordings listed without any date.