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unidentified label 5CDR

various 1988 dates/venues

Tracklist: Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (10/13, Upper Darby); Had A Dream About You Baby (9/4, Bristol); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (7/9, Ottawa); Shelter From The Storm (9/13, Pittsburgh); Visions Of Johanna (9/3, Manchester); I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine (6/11, Mountain View); Masters Of War (6/17, St. Louis); License To Kill (6/13, Park City); One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) (6/15, Denver); Highway 61 Revisited (6/17, St. Louis); Every Grain Of Sand (10/13, Upper Darby); Give My Love To Rose (9/16, Columbia); Big River (8/7, Santa Barbara); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (6/26, Saratoga Springs); Pretty Peggy-O (7/2, Mansfield); Pretty Boy Floyd (12/4, Oakland); Wild Mountain Thyme (6/22, Cincinnati); Baby Let Me Follow You Down (6/9, Sacramento); Man Of Constant Sorrow (6/7, Concord); I Don't Believe You (9/3, Manchester); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (6/25, Holmdel); Gates Of Eden (10/19, New York City); Eileen Aroon (6/17, St. Louis); Mama You Been On My Mind (6/18, East Troy); Times They Are A-Changin' (6/21, Cuyahoga Falls); It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (7/9, Ottawa); Waggoner's Lad (10/17, New York City); Ballad Of Hollis Brown (6/18, East Troy); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (6/13, Park City); Iím Glad I Got To See You Once Again (8/4, Los Angeles); Love Minus Zero (9/8, Binghamton); Absolutely Sweet Marie (6/18, East Troy); Joey (7/9, Ottawa); Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest (7/18, Rochester Hills); Driftin' Too Far From Shore (7/30, Mesa); Gates Of Eden (6/13, Park City); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (9/4, Bristol); I Don't Believe You (9/7, Essex Junction); You're A Big Girl Now (6/7, Concord); Nadine (6/17, St. Louis); Clean Cut Kid (6/22, Cincinatti); John Brown (7/15, Indianapolis); Across The Borderline (6/21, Cuyahoga Falls); In The Garden (6/17, St. Louis); The Man In Me (6/9, Sacramento); Silvio (8/21, Vancouver); San Francisco Bay Blues (6/10, Berkeley); Give My Love To Rose (6/28, Canandaigua); We Three (8/6, Carlsbad); Song To Woody (7/31, Costa Mesa); Forever Young (12/4, Oakland); Rank Strangers To Me (9/4, Bristol) Lakes Of Pontchartrain (6/7, Concord); 8. It Ain't Me Babe (6/26, Saratoga Springs); Mr. Tambourine Man (8/20, George); Two Soldiers (6/9, Sacramento); I'm In The Mood For Love (8/3, Los Angeles ); To Ramona (7/3, Old Orchard Beach); She Belongs To Me (8/2, Los Angeles); Barbara Allen (6/13, Park City); With God On Our Side (10/18, New York City); Trail Of The Buffalo (8/20, George); Subterranean Homesick Blues (6/26, Saratoga Springs); Seeing The Real You At Last (8/3, Los Angeles); I Want You (6/11, Mountain View); Tangled Up In Blue (7/3, Old Orchard Beach); Gotta Serve Somebody (6/18, East Troy); Hallelujah (7/8, Montreal); Ballad Of A Thin Man (6/25, Holmdel); It Takes A Lot To Laugh (6/10, Berkeley); Memphis Blues Again (9/13, Pittsburgh); Maggie's Farm (6/21, Cuyahoga Falls); I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (8/6, Carlsbad); Simple Twist Of Fate (7/13, Charlevoix ); Watching The River Flow (6/26, Saratoga Springs); Knockin' On Heaven's Door (8/29, Toronto); All Along The Watchtower (6/13, Park City)