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The original plan here has obviously been scrapped, mostly because it was caught up in the increasing rancor that unhappily spreads from some segments of the online Dylan community. I have turned up a small stash of Dylan-related publications that haven't been widely available, and intend to offer them up as "donation" premiums -- i.e., I'll be selling them off -- in the near future. If all goes well, I'll have an announcement of a very substantial publication/project early next year (2005). Given the growing level of expenses associated with this site -- not the webspace/bandwidth cost, because I've been using free webspace, but other costs related to the research involved in this site and affiliated projects -- I've been looking for a way to make the whole operation more self-financing. Not profitable, not even break-even, just not so much of a cash drain. I'm not asking for cash gifts, or direct financial support; I don't think that's appropriate. Instead, what I plan to do is offer a series of Dylan-related publications for sale, making more of my private research/commentary generally available. They won't be full-fledged books, but more in the nature of moderately sized, 35-100 page booklets. And they'll be priced above the reproduction/postage cost -- if they weren't, after all, issuing them wouldn't be any help.
Who knows, if they're popular enough I'll issue a series of signed and numbered, limited edition collectible versions . . .
Or not . . .

Anyway, the first in the series will probably be the more complete version of the line recordings / "soundboards" guide that I (rather foolishly) posted in greatly abridged form on the Dylanpool board a while back.

There'll be a formal announcement of the project on or about April 15, in connection with the next Guide update.