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Freakin' 2CDR

various live dates/venues, 1981-2003

Tracklist: Shot Of Love (8/5/86, Mountain View); Heart Of Mine (8/17/92, Toronto); Jesus Is The One (7/9/81, Drammen); Lenny Bruce (4/3/00, Cedar Rapids); Watered Down Love (11/21/81, Lakeland); Dead Man Dead Man (10/15/87, London); In The Summertime (11/2/03, Kent); Trouble (7/29/89, Maple); Every Grain Of Sand (10/15/03, Goteborg); Mary From The Wild Moor (11/18/80, San Francisco); Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar (11/15/80, San Francisco); Thief On The Cross (11/10/81, New Orleans); Couple More Years (11/19/80, San Francisco); Let's Begin (7/23/81, Basel); Rise Again (12/3/80, Portland); Shot Of Love (7/1/81, London); Heart Of Mine (7/10/81, Drammen); Jesus Is The One (7/25/81, Avignon); Lenny Bruce (7/4/81, Birmingham); Watered Down Love (6/10/81, Chicago); Dead Man Dead Man (6/28/81, London); In The Summertime (7/14/81, Bad Segeburg); Trouble (7/21/89, Holmdel); Every Grain Of Sand (7/4/83, Grenoble); Let It Be Me (10/30/81, Montreal); Fever (11/22/81, San Francisco); City Of Gold (11/21/80, San Francisco); Caribbean Wind (11/12/80, San Francisco); Let's Keep It Between Us (12/3/80, Portland); We Just Disagree (7/1/81, London)