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Shogun 13100 2CDR

Empire Burlesque sessions (New York, NY/Hollywood, CA); July 1984-April 1985

Tracklist: New Danville Girl, Tight Connection To My Heart, Clean Cut Kid, I'll Remember You, Seeing The Real You At Last, Something's Burning Baby, Trust Yourself, Emotionally Yours, When The Night Comes Falling, Never Gonna Be The Same Again, Waiting To Get Beat, Straight A's In Love, The Very Thought Of You, Driftin' Too Far From Shore, "Number 3," Who Loves You More, "Number 5," Go Way Little Boy

NOTE: A fan-produced replica of the vinyl boot of the same title. Sound on the LPs was described as "muddy." by one report and "very clean mono" by another Contents are almost identical to Outside The Empire; the added ("numbered") tracks are presumably the instrumentals usually listed as "Wolf" and "Groovin' At The Delta."

BIABH: Mostly the same takes as officially released, without the later (Baker) overdubbing. A few takes are completely different. "Danville Girl" is the highlight of the set, completely outshining the album track. The unreleased tunes seem very interesting -- on first listen. But unless you like Empire Burlesque, you should pass on this one.