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clockhouse 1CDR

Tracklist: It Ain't Me Babe (Westwood Radio, 7/31/86); Blowin' In The Wind (MLK Tribute, 1/20/86, w/ensemble); Got Love If You Want It, Important Words (Down In The Groove outtakes); Mr. Tambourine Man (Roy Orbison Tribute, 2/24/90, w/Byrds); Most Of The Time (edited single); Old Rock And Roller (Hamburg, 7/3/90); People Putting People Down (Rome, 6/6/91); Tupelo Honey (Belfast, 2/6/91, w/Van Morrison); Crazy Love, Foreign Window, One Irish Rover (Athens, 6/27/89, w/Van Morrison); One Irish Rover (London, 6/12/93, w/Van Morrison); Forever Young (Letterman TV, 11/18/93); Hard Times (Big Six-O, 4/28/93); I Shall Be Released, Ring Them Bells (Great Music Experience, 5/22/94); Real Real Gone (Dublin, 4/12/95, w/Van Morrison); Ring Of Fire (Feeling Minnesota soundtrack); Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Italy, 7/5/96)

NOTE: A semiprofessional clone, sold mainly via auction sites, of Hard To Find 4, to which the excerpted comments were originally directed.

DEEP: The latest HTF ties together another interesting and eclectic batch of rare trax that should satisfy all tastes. A set that has a certain cohesion and overall excellent sound. It's nice to have things like this together in one place.

CDG: A strange selection of tracks in nice sound quality.