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no label 4CDR

various dates/venues; North America November 2001

Tracklist: [disc 1, Love And Theft] Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum (Portland, 11/23); Mississippi (Columbus, 11/10); Summer Days (Terre Haute, 11/2); Lonesome Day Blues (Philadelphia, 11/17); Floater (Nashville, 11/3); High Water (Detroit, 11/9); Honest With Me (State College, 11/11); Po' Boy, Cry A While (Grand Rapids, 11/6); Sugar Baby (New York City, 11/19); [disc 2, acoustic] Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go (Manchester, 11/21); Roving Gambler (State College, 11/11); It Ain't Me Babe (Philadelphia, 11/17); Somebody Touched Me (Syracuse, 11/13); Mama You Been On My Mind (Nashville, 11/3); This World Can't Stand Long (Grand Rapids, 11/6); Searching For A Soldier's Grave (New York City, 11/19); John Brown (Washington, 11/15); Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbus, 11/10); Tangled Up In Blue (Boston, 11/24); If Dogs Run Free (Portland, 11/23); Blowin' In The Wind (Detroit, 11/9); Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Portland, 11/23); [disc 3, electric I] Maggie's Farm, Rank Strangers To Me, Tears Of Rage (Terre Haute, 11/2); Country Pie (State College, 11/11); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (New York City, 11/19); Positively Fourth Street (Columbus, 11/10); Every Grain Of Sand (Detroit, 11/9); Cold Irons Bound, Things Have Changed (Philadelphia, 11/17); All Along The Watchtower (Grand Rapids, 11/6); Drifter's Escape (Portland, 11/23); [disc 4, electric II] Wicked Messenger (Uncasville, 11/20); Gotta Serve Somebody (Manchester, 11/21); I Threw It All Away, Watching The River Flow (Uncasville, 11/20); Where Teardrops Fall (Manchester, 11/21); Just Like A Woman (Boston, 11/24); Not Dark Yet (Portland, 11/23); LeopardSkin PillBox Hat (Terre Haute, 11/2); Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Philadelphia, 11/17); Like A Rolling Stone (Columbus, 11/10)