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bigdog51 5CDR

Tracklist: Song To Woody (Berlin, 6/5/90); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Tokyo, 5/22/94); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Manchester, 5/7/65); Chimes Of Freedom (Newport, 7/26/64); Love Minus Zero (Portland ME, 4/9/97); Highway 61 Revisited (San Jose, 5/19/98); Visions Of Johanna (Minneapolis 9/3/92); Fourth Time Around (Melbourne, 4/20/66); I Want You (Gothenburg, 6/29/01); Drifter's Escape (Glasgow, 9/17/00); Country Pie (Glasgow, 9/17/00); Like A Rolling Stone (Manchester, 5/17/66); She Belongs To Me (Sydney, 4/13/66); If Not For You (Brussels, 3/23/95); Memphis Blues Again (London, 10/6/00); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Columbia, 11/2/97); Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Inglewood, 2/14/74); Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (5/11/76); Forever Young, (Portsmouth, 9/25/00); Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (New York, 11/19/01); It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (Inglewood, 2/14/74); Idiot Wind (Sydney, 4/15/92); Tears Of Rage (New York, 1/17/98); This Wheel's On Fire (New London, 1/14/98); Hurricane, (New York, 12/8/75); One Too Many Mornings (Fort Worth, 5/16/76); Just Like A Woman (Avignon, 7/25/81); Blowin' In The Wind (Montreal, 7/2/62); Don't Think Twice (Troy, 2/22/99); Seņor (Aschaffenburg, 3/15/95); Ballad Of A Thin Man (Barcelona, 6/28/84); All Along The Watchtower (Mansfield, 9/12/93); Gotta Serve Somebody (Portsmouth, 9/24/00); In The Garden (New York, 10/19/88); Every Grain Of Sand (Monterey, 5/25/95); Jokerman (Woodstock, 8/14/94); License To Kill (Philadelphia, 6/21/95); Tight Connection To My Heart (New York, 11/17/93L); Masters Of War (Sydney, 2/24/86); I Don't Believe You (Boston, 1/14/74A); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Prague, 3/11/95); Positively Fourth Street (Magdeburg, 7/12/96); I Shall Be Released (New York, 12/8/75); Precious Memories (New York, 10/12/89); Silvio (San Jose, 5/19/98); Queen Jane Approximately, (Boston, 10/8/94); Everything Is Broken (Konstanz, 7/3/96); Born In Time (New York, 1/20/98); Times They Are A-Changin' (Konstanz, 7/3/96); Mama You Been On My Mind (Portsmouth, 9/24/00); Blind Willie McTell (Wolf Trap, 8/23/97); LeopardSkin PillBox Hat (Wolf Trap, 8/23/97); Absolutely Sweet Marie, (San Jose, 5/19/98); BlackJack Davey (Mansfield, 9/12/93); Delia (Newcastle, 9/19/00); Tombstone Blues (Monterey, 5/27/95); Standing In The Doorway (Newcastle, 9/19/00); Desolation Row (Sydney, 4/13/66); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Gothenburg, 6/29/01); Things Have Changed (Sydney, 3/26/01); Moonlight (Seattle, 10/6/01)

NOTE: Fan-compiled 61-track collection of live performances commemorating Dylan's 61st birthday. Each track in theory represents one disc from among the 61 Dylan had released by that anniversary (although the tally of discs is slightly contrived to arrive at the appropriate total).