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Chickenfrog 1D

Tracklist: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (Good Rockin' Tonight, Sun Records tribute); Train Of Love (Johnny Cash Tribute [TBS]; April 6, 1999 broadcast); I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind (Timeless, Hank Williams tribute); My Blue-Eyed Jane (The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers); Waiting For You (Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood soundtrack); Cross The Green Mountains (Gods And Generals soundtrack); Things Have Changed (Wonder Boys soundtrack); Shelter From The Storm (Jerry Maguire soundtrack); Ring Of Fire (Feeling Minnesota soundtrack); You Belong To Me (Natural Born Killers soundtrack; People Get Ready (Flashback soundtrack); Band Of The Hand (Band Of The Hand soundtrack); Couple More Years, The Usual, Night After Night (Hearts Of Fire); Down In The Flood, Diamond Joe, Dixie, Cold Irons Bound (Masked And Anonymous soundtrack)

NOTE: To be avoided. Virtually all of the material on this shoddy album is pirated from readily available sources, and the set is housed in soft-core pornographic cover slips. The tracklist also apparently contains conspicuous errors.