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no label 1CDR

(1) Desire sessions (New York, NY); July 30, 1975
(2) "4 Songs From 'Renaldo And Clara'" EP
(3) Universal Amphitheater (Los Angeles, CA); June 5, 1978

Tracklist: (1) Rita May
(2) People Get Ready [New York rehearsal, 10/28/75]; Never Let Me Go, Isis [Montreal, 12/4/75]; It Ain't Me Babe [Cambridge, 11/20/75]
(3) Just Like A Woman, Don't Think Twice, All Along The Watchtower, All I Really Want To Do, It Ain't Me Babe

NOTE: Fan-circulated CDR transfer of a boot LP. Specific date for (3) is tentative, and infers all tracks are taken from the same concert.