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Gun That Squirts Music 4CDR

various North American dates/venues; 2002

Tracklist: Duncan And Brady (Bossier City, 2/23); You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Dallas, 2/20); I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Austin, 2/24); John Brown (Orlando, 1/31); Gotta Serve Somebody (Sunrise, 2/1); Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Atlanta, 2/9); Mississippi (Sioux Falls, 8/22); This World Can't Stand Long (Greenville, 2/13); Somebody Touched Me (Kanata, 8/13); Stone Walls And Steel Bars (Baltimore, 8/18); Friend Of The Devil (Eugene, 10/5); A Voice From On High, Under The Red Sky (Hamburg, 8/15); Tears Of Rage (Augusta, 8/4); To Be Alone With You (Grand Junction, 8/31); Man In The Long Black Coat (Moncton, 8/8); Till I Fell In Love With You (Kanata, 8/13); Most Likely You Go Your Way (Charleston, 2/11); Quinn The Eskimo (Aspen, 9/1); Tell Me That It Isn't True (Birmingham, 2/16); Roving Gambler, Down In The Flood (Newport, 8/3); Seeing The Real You At Last (Berkeley, 10/11); Bye And Bye (Los Angeles, 10/17); Tombstone Blues (Red Bluff, 10/7); Queen Jane Approximately (Kent, 11/3); Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread (New York City, 11/11); In The Summertime (Denver, 10/26); Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Las Vegas, 10/20); The Man In Me (Los Angeles, 10/16); Po' Boy (Philadelphia, 11/15); Ring Them Bells (Ames, 10/29); Brown Sugar, Carrying A Torch (Elmira, 11/9); Old Man (St. Paul, 10/30); End Of The Innocence (Indianapolis, 11/5E); Boom Boom Mancini (Seattle, 10/4); Mutineer (Kansas City, 10/28); Accidentally Like A Martyr (Berkeley, 10/11); Lawyers Guns And Money (Lake Tahoe, 10/13E); Something (New York City, 11/13); Solid Rock (Seattle, 10/4); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Moncton, 8/8); Things Have Changed (Saskatoon, 8/26); Watching The River Flow (Toronto, 8/16)