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angelwithfourfaces/Scouser DV 718-22 5CDR

various 1989 dates/venues

Tracklist: Shot Of Love (Livorno, 6/22); Pancho And Lefty (Cava de Tirreni, 6/21); Highway 61 Revisited (Patras, 6/26); Congratulations (Birmingham, 6/7); Most Of The Time (Indiana, 11/4); Man Gave Names To All The Animals (Park City, 9/1); Early Morning Rain (Stanhope, 7/17); It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Hollywood, 9/10); (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (rehearsals, probably May); House Of Gold (Madrid, 6/15); I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Milwaukee, 7/3); Trail Of The Buffalo (Atlanta, 11/16); Legend In My Time (Atlantic City, 7/20); Disease Of Conceit (Cleveland, 11/2); The Water Is Wide (Dublin, 6/3); When You Gonna Wake Up (Poughkeepsie, 10/20); Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Madrid, 6/15); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Park City, 9/1); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Rome, 6/20); Barbara Allen (Birmingham, 6/7); Gates Of Eden (St. Paul, 8/3); One Too Many Mornings (Barcelona, 6/16); Mama You Been On My Mind (Pittsburgh, 7/28); Tangled Up In Blue (Sunrise, 11/13); Trail Of The Buffalo (Bonner Springs, 8/22); Visions Of Johanna (Ann Arbor, 11/1); I'm In The Mood For Love (Toledo, 8/8); Song To Woody (Madrid, 6/15); Eileen Aroon (Dublin 6/3); Blowin' In The Wind (Milan, 6/19); The Harder They Come (Bonner Springs, 8/22); Lay Lady Lay (Sunrise, 11/13); Positively Fourth Street (Santa Barbara, 9/5); Tears Of Rage (Patras, 6/26); I'll Remember You (Holmdel, 7/21); I'm In The Mood For Love (Cincinnati, 8/10); Man In The Long Black Coat (New York City, 10/13); Masters Of War (Old Orchard Beach, 7/15); Confidential To Me (Columbus, 8/6); Times They Are A-Changin' (Livorno, 6/22); When Did You Leave Heaven? (Santa Barbara, 9/5); In The Garden (Patras, 6/26); Ring Them Bells (Poughkeepsie, 10/20); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Rochester, 7/6); Every Grain Of Sand (Dublin, 6/3); Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Las Cruces, 8/29); Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Berkeley, 9/3); Dark As A Dungeon (Durham, 11/8); When Did You Leave Heaven? (Saratoga Springs, 7/26); Mr. Tambourine Man (Cava de Tirreni, 6/21); Every Grain Of Sand (Athens, 6/28); Times They Are A-Changin' (Rochester, 7/5); Two Soldiers (Patras, 6/26); Love Minus Zero Old Orchard Beach, 7/15); It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (Sunrise, 11/13); To Ramona (San Sebastian, 6/17); In The Pines (Milwaukee, 7/3); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Barcelona, 6/16); Girl From The North Country (Birmingham, 6/7); She Belongs To Me (Stanhope, 7/17); Waggoner's Lad (Noblesville, 7/8); Man Of Constant Sorrow (Atlanta, 8/15); Forever Young (Santa Barbara, 9/5); Gotta Serve Somebody (Stanhope, 7/17); Lonesome Town (Birmingham, 6/7); I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (The Hague, 6/10); Lenny Bruce (Atlantic City, 7/20); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Brussels, 6/11); Queen Jane Approximately (Santa Barbara, 9/5); Nothing But You (Madison, 8/4); Trouble (Maple, 7/29); When First Unto This Country (Norfolk, 11/7); One Irish Rover (Las Cruces, 8/29); Dead Man Dead Man (Poughkeepsie, 10/20); Visions Of Johanna (Hollywood, 9/9); My True La La (Stockholm, 5/28); My Back Pages (Troy, 10/27)