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Magic Hand 457 823-2

(1) "Love Sick" CD singles w/ bonus tracks
(2) extended single
(3) Doug Sahm And Band
(4) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); May 1, 1970
(5) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (official track w/John Hammond intro))
(6) unidentified date/venue, 1980
(7) Civic Center (St. Paul, MN); October 31, 1978

Tracklist: (1) Love Sick, Cold Irons Bound, Cocaine Blues, Born In Time, Can't Wait, Roving Gambler, Blind Willie McTell
(2) Handle With Care
(3) Is Anybody Going To San Antone, Wallflower, Blues Stay Away From Me, Me And Paul
(4) I Threw It All Away, I Don't Believe You, Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
(5) Oxford Town
(6) Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody
(7) Coming From The Heart

NOTE: To be avoided. Once again, most of this material is no harder to find than an Internet music retailer's website. Many of the tracks are incorrectly identified by the CD packaging.

DEEP: An off kilter compilation presenting some officially released material alongside some unrelated unreleased material that leaves one wondering what was going through the compiler's mind. Somewhat useful only for the fact that the "Love Sick" single b-sides are all in one place. The rest is pretty much rehash and has been widely available. For the completists out there.

rmd: The first 7 tracks are pirated, hardly unreleased! Buy the Rhino Doug Sahm CD re-release, you should have the rest already. (AF)