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Freakin' 2CDR

various live dates/venues [except as noted], 1978-2003

Tracklist: Gotta Serve Somebody (10/22/98, Duluth); I Believe In You (4/28/02, Brussels); Precious Angel (11/18/79, Santa Monica); Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (12/8/79, Tucson); Do Right To Me Baby (12/16/78, Hollywood FL); When You Gonna Wake Up (11/26/79, Tempe AZ); Man Gave Names To All The Animals (11/15/80, San Francisco); Slow Train (11/25/79, Tempe); When He Returns (4/24/80, Toronto); Blessed Be The Name (11/21/79, Santa Monica); Ain't No Man Righteous (11/16/79, San Francisco); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (4/20/80, Toronto); I Will Love Him (4/19/80, Toronto); Trouble In Mind (Slow Train Coming outtake / b-side); Satisfied Mind (11/9/99, Philadelphia); Saved (7/25/81, Avignon); Covenant Woman (11/16/80, San Francisco); What Can I Do For You (6/23/81, Colombes); Solid Rock (11/26/79, Tempe); Pressing On (11/1/79, San Francisco); In the Garden (4/17/02, Munich); Saving Grace (8/21/03, Guilford); Are You Ready (10/31/81, Kitchener); I Will Sing (5/18/80, Akron); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (11/16/80, San Francisco); Cover Down Break Through (5/7/80, Hartford); Solid Rock (4/7/02, Oslo)