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Reference Recording BDY-001 1CDR

(1) East Orange Tape (East Orange, NJ); February 1961
(2) Minnesota Party Tape (Minneapolis, MN); May 24, 1961
(3) Minnesota Hotel Tape (Minneapolis, MN); December 22, 1961
(4) Gooding Apartment Tape (New York, NY); March 1962
(5) Gerdes Folk City (New York, NY); September 29, 1961

Tracklist: (1) San Francisco Bay Blues, Jesus Met The Woman At The Well, Gypsy Davey, Pastures Of Plenty, Trail Of The Buffalo, Jesse James, Car Car, Southern Cannonball, Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy, Remember Me
(2) Railroad Boy, James Alley Blues, Bonnie Why'd You Cut My Hair
(3) See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Ramblin' Round, Black Cross
(4) Ballad of Donald White, Wichita, Acne, Rocks And Gravel, Long Time Man Feel Bad
(5) Ranger's Command