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Itchco 0061 1CD

(1) Jerry Maguire soundtrack album
(2) Other End (New York, NY); July 3, 1975
(3) "World Of John Hammond" TV special (Chicago, IL); September 10, 1975
(4) Four Songs From Renaldo And Clara
(5) Last Waltz (San Francisco, CA); November 25, 1976
(6) Saturday Night Live (New York, NY): October 20, 1979
(7) Grammy Awards (Los Angeles, CA); February 22, 1980
(8) "Late Night With David Letterman" (New York, NY); March 22, 1984
(9) Frank Sinatra Tribute (Los Angeles, CA); November 19, 1995
(10) unidentified

Tracklist: (1) Shelter From The Storm
(2) Abandoned Love
(3) Hurricane, Oh Sister, Simple Twist Of Fate
(4) People Get Ready, It Ain't Me Babe
(5) Hazel
(6) I Believe In You, When You Gonna Wake Up
(7) Gotta Serve Somebody
(8) Don't Start Me Talkin', License To Kill
(9) Restless Farewell
(10) Zimmermix '97 (sonic collage, not Dylan)

EDLIS: While the sound quality is excellent, the packaging looks homemade (even though the discs are glass-mastered).

NOTE: The Renaldo And Clara, SNL, and Letterman tracks are incomplete versions of performances that circulate commonly in complete form.