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no label 2CDR

(1) Oscar Brand's Folk Song Festival (WNYC/New York, NY); October 29, 1961
(2) Carnegie Chapter Hall (New York, NY); November 4, 1961 (line)
(3) Minnesota Hotel Tape (Minneapolis, MN); December 22, 1961
(4) Leeds Music Demos (New York, NY); January 1962

Tracklist: (1) Sally Gal, Girl I Left Behind
(2)Pretty Peggy-O, In The Pines, Gospel Plow, 1913 Massacre, Backwater Blues, Long Time A-Growin', Fixin' To Die
(3) (4)
NOTE: Initially circulated via Dylantree. Several variant remasters/retouches based on this set also circulate under the same cover slips, with the most conspicuous correction repairing a dropout in "Omie Wise."