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no label 2CDR

various dates/venues, 1979-2000

Tracklist: Somebody Touched Me (7/17/99, Camden); Solid Rock (11/8/81, Ann Arbor); Saved (11/21/79, Santa Monica); Gotta Serve Somebody (6/28/81, London); When You Gonna Wake Up (2/5/80, Knoxville); Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (11/9/79, San Francisco); Slow Train (6/29/81, London); Jesus Is The One (7/25/81, Avignon); I Believe In You (11/9/79, San Francisco); Rock Of Ages (3/19/00, Pocatello); Precious Angel (4/19/80, Toronto); Saving Grace (1/23/80, Denver); What Can I Do For You (4/20/80, Toronto); Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour (2/24/99, Troy); When He Returns (2/5/80, Knoxville); Blessed Is The Name (11/9/79, San Francisco); Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go (6/21/00, George); Pressing On (2/5/80, Knoxville); What Can I Do For You (11/9/79, San Francisco); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (5/7/80, Hartford); Ain't No Man Righteous (11/16/79, San Francisco); This World Can't Stand Long (3/31/00, Rochester); Yonder Comes Sin (Special Rider demo, fall 1980); In The Garden (11/8/81, Ann Arbor); Covenant Woman (11/15/80, San Francisco); Every Grain Of Sand (12/17/95, Philadelphia); Ye Shall Be Changed (Slow Train Coming outtake, 5/2/79); Cover Down Break Through (5/7/80, Hartford); City Of Gold (12/3/80, Portland); I Am The Man Thomas (3/16/00, Santa Cruz); I Believe In You (11/3/98, Rochester); Rise Again (11/30/80, Rochester); Blessed Is The Name (11/20/79, Santa Monica); Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go (3/21/00, Pullman); You Changed My Life (4/23/81, Clover Studios, Los Angeles)