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Tambourine Man 001/2 2CD

(1) Fox Warfield Theater (San Francisco, CA); November 16, 1979
(2) Starlight Ballroom (Clearwater, FL); April 22, 1976 (afternoon) (video feed)
(3) Special Rider demo (Clearwater, FL); April 17, 1976
(4) Starlight Ballroom (Clearwater, FL); April 22, 1976 (afternoon) (video feed)

Tracklist: Gotta Serve Somebody, I Believe In You, When You Gonna Wake Up, When He Returns, Man Gave Names To All The Animals, Precious Angel, Slow Train, Covenant Woman, Ain't No Man Righteous, Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking, Do Right To Me Baby, Solid Rock, Saving Grace, Saved, What Can I Do For You, In The Garden, Blessed Be The Name, Pressing On
(2) Mr. Tambourine Man, Times They Are A-Changin', When I Paint My Masterpiece
(3) Seven Days
(4) Blowin' In The Wind, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine [w/Joan Baez]; Diamonds And Rust [Joan Baez]

NOTE: To be avoided. A squalid effort combining a fan project based on a superior source recording to the one used for Contract With The Lord with part of a fan compilation of 1976 line recordings. The issuer falsely touted this set as including the "complete" evening line recording from April 22, 1976, which actually does not circulate, and misidentified the sources for the 1976 tracks it actually included. The previously circulating, more complete, versions of both the 1979 and 1976 recordings are quite clearly to be preferred to this poorly programmed botch; and the 1979 alternate source now circulates most prominently as The Alternate Warfield.
An earlier version of this entry identified the principal content as a remaster of Contract With The Lord, but that attribution now appears incorrect.