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BEST OF 2002

no label 2CDR

various dates/venues, 2002

Tracklist: Solid Rock (Seattle, 10/4); If You See Her Say Hello (London, 5/12); Accidentally Like A Martyr (Red Bluff, 10/7); Yea! Heavy And A Bottle of Bread (New York, 11/11); Quinn The Eskimo (Southampton, 8/19); Man Of Constant Sorrow (Stockholm, 4/5); Subterranean Homesick Blues (Zurich, 4/21); Gotta Serve Somebody (Sunrise, 2/1); In The Summertime (Bernalillo, 10/23); Blind Willie McTell (Las Vegas, 10/20); You're A Big Girl Now (Red Bluff 10/7); Every Grain Of Sand (Boston, 11/16); Visions Of Johanna (Dallas, 2/22); Man In The Long Black Coat (St. John, 8/9); When I Paint My Masterpiece (Brussels, 4/28); Old Man (New York, 11/11); High Water (Hartford, 11/17); Mutineer (New York, 11/11); Carrying a Torch (San Diego, 10/19); Summer Days (New York, 11/11); Cat's In The Well (Munich, 4/17); Mr. Tambourine Man (Kingston, 11/20); All Along The Watchtower (New York, 11/11); Something (New York, 11/13)