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Scorpio 9CD [T-733]

(1A) Toad's Place (New Haven, CT); January 12, 1990
(1B) The Edge (Fort Lauderdale, FL); September 23, 1995
(2) various dates/venues; 1988-1992 ["traditionals"]
(3) various dates/venues; 1988-2000 ["rock of ages"]
(4) various dates/venues; 1988-1994 ["contemporary"]
(5) various dates/venues; 1989-2000 ["folk-rot"]
(6) various dates/venues; 1988-2000 ["crooning"]
(7) various dates/venues; 1991-2000 ["rhythm & blues"]
(8) various dates/venues; 1988-2000 ["country"]
(9) various dates/venues; 1989-2000 ["alternates"]

Tracklist: (1A) Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Trouble No More, Hang Me Oh Hang Me, Paid The Price, Help Me Make It Through The Night, Dancing In The Dark, Lonesome Whistle Blues, So Long Good Luck And Goodbye, Key To The Highway, In The Pines, Everybody's Movin', Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
(1B) Real Real Gone, It's Too Late, Willin', That Lucky Old Sun, West L.A. Fadeaway
(2) Eileen Aroon (6/15/88, Park City); Wild Mountain Thyme (6/22/88, Cincinnati); San Francisco Bay Blues (6/28/88, Canandaigua); Barbara Allen (7/31/88, Costa Mesa); Waggoner's Lad (10/14/88, Upper Darby); Pretty Boy Floyd (12/4/88, Mountain View); Lakes Of Pontchartrain (6/15/89, Madrid); In the Pines (7/3/89, Milwaukee); Baby Let Me Follow You Down (9/3/89, Berkeley); Dark As A Dungeon (2/6/90, London); When First Unto This Country (6/12/91, Budapest); 20/20 Vision (10/25/91, Austin) Two Soldiers (6/21/91, Munich); Golden Vanity (11/4/91; Evanston); Roving Gambler (11/6/91, South Bend); Female Rambling Sailor (3/24/92, Sydney); Lady Of Carlisle (4/14/92, Sydney); Little Moses (4/5/92, Melbourne); Girl On The Green Briar Shore (6/28/92, Gothenburg); Newry Highwayman (7/1/92, Paris)
(3) Man of Constant Sorrow (6/11/88, Mountain View); Rank Strangers To Me(9/4/88, Bristol); Peace In The Valley (6/13/89, Frejus); House Of Gold (6/15/89, Madrid); Precious Memories (10/13/89, New York City); Stand By Me (8/28/90, Merrillville); Across The Borderline (11/2/91, Ames); That Lucky Old Sun (11/5/91, Madison); Be Not A Stranger (11/7/97, Columbus); You're Too Late (1/29/99, Daytona Beach) Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour (2/24/99, Amherst); Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go (6/19/99, Hollywood); I Am The Man Thomas (11/13/99, East Rutherford); Rock Of Ages (11/19/99 (late), Atlantic City); Satisfied Mind (11/9/99, Philadelphia); Somebody Touched Me (11/15/99, Ithaca); This World Can't Stand Long (3/10/00*, Anaheim)
(4) Hallelujah (8/4/88, Hollywood); Pancho And Lefty (6/21/89, Cava de Terreni); Early Morning Rain (7/3/89, Milwaukee); And It Stoned Me (7/6/89, Rochester Hills); The Harder They Come (8/22/89, Bonner Springs); Nowhere Man (8/21/90, Edmonton); Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (8/18/90, George); Friend Of The Devil (8/27/90, Merrillville); Willin' (9/12/90, Mesa); My Head's In Mississippi (10/25/90, Oxford); Homeward Bound, People Putting People Down (6/6/91, Rome); One Irish Rover (11/2/91, Ames); Dolly Dagger (3/18/92, Perth); Hazy Shade Of Winter (7/1/92, Reims); Alabama Getaway (12/16/95, Philadelphia); I'm Not Supposed To Care (5/23/98, Anaheim); Lady Came From Baltimore (4/13/94, Peoria); Moondance (11/19/91, Erie)
(5) The Water Is Wide (6/3/89, Dublin); Trail Of The Buffalo (6/10/89, The Hague); Pretty Peggy-O (2/3/90, London); Little Maggie (3/18/92, Perth); Black Muddy River (4/6/92, Melbourne); Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (6/28/92, Gothenburg); Farewell To The Gold (11/2/92, Youngstown); Jim Jones, Jack-A-Roe (11/17/93 (2d show), Supper Club); BlackJack Davey (9/8/93, Vienna); Shake Sugaree (6/17/96, Berlin); Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (2/11/97, Tokyo); Cocaine Blues (10/1/97, Bournemouth); Duncan And Brady (3/17/00 (early), Reno); House Of The Rising Sun (6/18/00, George)
(6) We Three (8/6/88, Carlsbad); Hey La La (5/28/89, Stockholm); Confidential To Me (5/30/89, Helsinki); When Did You Leave Heaven (6/8/89, London); Don't Pity Me (7/31/89, Joliette); I'm In The Mood For Love (8/9/89, St. Louis); Lonesome Town (8/12/89, Doswell); More And More (8/26/89, Houston); Let's Learn To Live And Love Again (7/5/90, Berlin); Moon River (8/27/90, Merrillville); Answer Me (11/4/91, Evanston); You Don't Know Me (11/5/91, Madison); Hey Joe (7/12/92, Antibes); Tomorrow Night (2/8/93, London); Hard Times (4/12/93, Louisville); The Times We've Known (11/1/98, New York City); Across the Borderline (7/9/90, Montreux); Blue Bonnet Girl (11/1/00, Indianapolis); The Heart That You Own (9/2/99, West Palm Beach)
(7) Dust My Broom (11/12/91, Detroit); Sally Sue Brown (4/16/92, Sydney); I Can't Be Satisfied (11/2/92, Youngstown); You're Gonna Quit Me (9/8/93, Vienna); Delia, Weeping Willow (11/17/93 (2d show), Supper Club); Blood In My Eyes, Ragged And Dirty (11/17/93 (1st show), Supper Club); New Minglewood Blues (6/24/96, Differdange); Viola Lee Blues (2/24/97, Sapporo); Hootchie Cootchie Man (11/13/99, East Rutherford); Nadine (6/17/88, St. Louis); Around And Around (7/10/92, Leysin); Matchbox (8/24/98, Adelaide); Not Fade Away (11/19/99*, Atlantic City); Money Honey (11/15/99, Ithaca); Blue Suede Shoes [w/Van Morrison] (1/21/98, New York City); She's About A Mover (6/15/00, Portland)
(8) Give My Love To Rose (6/28/88, Canandaigua); I'm Glad I Got To See You Once Again (8/4/88, Hollywood); Big River (8/7/88, Santa Barbara); Nothing But You (7/15/89, Old Orchard Beach); Legend In My Time (7/20/89, Atlantic City); No More One More Time (5/29/90, Montreal); Hang Me Oh Hang Me (6/6/90, Toronto); Old Rock And Roller (7/3/90, Hamburg); Hey Good Lookin' (10/26/90, Tuscaloosa); Detroit City (11/12/90, East Lansing); I'm Movin' On (2/16/93, Utrecht); Folsom Prison Blues (2/17/93, Eindhoven); Long Black Veil (4/28/97, Wheeling); Stone Walls And Steel Bars (5/21/97, Beverly Hills); White Dove (12/8/97, New York City); My Blue Eyed Jane (2/7/99, Birmingham); Honky Tonk Blues (2/15/99, Grand Rapids); Searching For A Soldier's Grave (6/15/00, Portland); Making Believe (6/24/99, Istanbul); Lonesome Whistle Blues (1/14/90, State College)
(9) I'm In The Mood For Love (8/8/89, Toledo); When Did You Leave Heaven (7/26/89, Saratoga Springs); The Water Is Wide (8/12/90, Edmonton); Trail Of The Buffalo (10/13/90, West Point); Answer Me [w/Richard Thompson] (10/17/91, Seville); You Don't Know Me (6/20/89, Rome); One Irish Rover (7/1/89, Peoria); When First Unto This Country (11/7/89, Norfolk); Confidential To Me (11/10/91, Indianapolis); Delia (4/15/92, Sydney); Pretty Peggy-O (4/18/97, Albany); Roving Gambler (4/19/97, Hartford); Rank Strangers To Me (7/5/98, Rome); Newry Highwayman (6/19/98, Belfast); Dark As A Dungeon (8/19/98, Melbourne); Folsom Prison Blues (11/10/99, New Haven); Big River (3/16/00, Santa Cruz)

NOTE: When a date is marked with an asterisk*, the track is drawn from one of two concerts performed that date. The tracks for each disc in this set are selected to reflect a theme, as indicated above. The track arrangement is fairly arbitrary; for example, several of the songs labelled "traditional" are of known (and relatively recent) authorship. The first disc is excerpted from two performances usually viewed as public rehearsals.