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White Bear 4CD [T-727]

NOTE: Advance reports of this set (first announced as "The Guam Rehearsals") were substantially misleading. None of the material reported as included is previously uncirculating; most of it has been in circulation for many years; and the entire set is reliably reported to have been principally sourced if not cloned from the fan project The 1976 Hard Rain Rehearsals. The April 17 material is not from the Revue dress rehearsal (except for the long-available "Seven Days" demo); that long-sought session, although described by Heylin at some length, has yet to surface. Additional material from these rehearsals also circulates.
The standard cover slips for this set include an incorrect tracklist, most noticeably for disc 1; while the disc itself is marred by an indexing error, splitting its final "Oh Sister" into two tracks, broken at the point where the arrangement includes a dramatic pause. To compound this error, the cover slips list these tracks as two separate performances.