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Wild Wolf 1CD [T-722]

(1) Sony Music Studio (New York, NY); November 16, 1994
(2) MTV Unplugged (New York, NY); November 17, 1994

Tracklist: (1) I Want You, Tombstone Blues, I Want You, Don't Think Twice, Desolation Row, Hazel, Everything Is Broken, Times They Are A-Changin', Love Minus Zero, Dignity, With God On Our Side
(2) Love Minus Zero

DEEP: Sublime quality, sourced from a splendid videotape of the performance. Only a rehearsal but a most enjoyable listen warranting repeated plays. Hard to believe our good fortune at what turns up out of the blue.

NOTE: The rehearsal of "Tombstone Blues" ends with several attempts at a satisfactory ending. The division of this rehearsal segment into discrete tracks varies among the circulating CD/R versions of this recording, but the actual audio material does not vary.