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Rattlesnake 047 1CD [T-721]

Sony Music Studio (New York, NY); November 16, 1994

Tracklist: I Want You, Tombstone Blues, Tombstone Blues, Tombstone Blues, Tombstone Blues, I Want You, Don't Think Twice, Desolation Row, Hazel, Everything Is Broken, Times They Are A-Changin', Love Minus Zero, Dignity, With God On Our Side

NOTE: Where the fan projects based on this recording typically list four takes of "Tombstone Blues," the packaging for this disc lists only three. The breakdown into discrete takes is essentially arbitrary, and the contents do not vary.

DEEP: Sublime quality, sourced from a splendid videotape of the performance. Only a rehearsal but a most enjoyable listen warranting repeated plays. Hard to believe our good fortune at what turns up out of the blue.

rmd: If you really liked Unplugged (official or complete proceedings), this is worth picking up. The sound, taken from video, is harsher than standard live recordings, and these performances are less potent than those from the event itself. Nice, but not essential. (DM)