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Dandelion 125/126 2CD [T-696]

(1) Stadthalle (Vienna, Austria); April 30, 1999
(2) Sporthalle (Linz, Austria); April 27, 1999
(3) Idalpe (Ischgl, Austria); May 1, 1999

Tracklist: (1) (2) My Back Pages, Desolation Row, Leopardskin Pillbox Hat, It Takes A Lot To Laugh
(3) All Along The Watchtower

DEEP: The first glass-mastered complete show from the Spring 99 Eurotrek is a good one, well worth the wait. that. A sublime, sometimes heart-wrenching acoustic set; followed by an intense, razor sharp, and dramatic electric set; plus five excellent filler tracks, all in warm, upfront quality. Nattily packaged, too.

rmd: Recording quality is astounding. Without question, the best Europe '99 disc.