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HIGHWAY OF DIAMONDS vol 4 -- Originals 1988-98

Westwood One 1CD [T-689]

(1) 1987 rehearsals
(2) Radio City Music Hall (New York, NY); October 19, 1988
(3) Orpheum Theater (Minneapolis, MN); September 3, 1992
(4) Orpheum Theater (Minneapolis, MN); August 30, 1992
(5) Supper Club (New York, NY); November 27, 1993 (late)
(6) Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); September 8, 1993
(7) Art Park (Lewiston, NY); August 16, 1994
(8) Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); August 23, 1997
(9) El Rey Theater (Los Angeles, NY); December 16, 1997
(10) Madison Square Garden/The Theater (New York, NY); January 20, 1998

Tracklist: (1) All I Really Want To Do, Heart Of Mine
(2) Bob Dylan's 115th Dream, With God On Our Side
(3) Visions Of Johanna
(4) Idiot Wind
(5) Tight Connection To My Heart
(6) Series Of Dreams
(7) Man In The Long Black Coat
(8) Tough Mama
(9) Till I Fell In Love With You
(10) The Man In Me

NOTE: A collection of line recordings and tracks from The packaging reports some dates incorrectly.

DEEP: Nice quality throughout but, like vol. 3, this offers nothing new. It may sit well with those fancying some great performances in excellent quality, but wanting only appetizers and not full meals. More pedestrian artwork.