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Dandelion 131/132 2CD [T-681]

live tracks 1992-1999 from

Tracklist: Idiot Wind (Minneapolis 8/30/92), I Believe In You (Rochester 11/3/98), Across The Borderline (Rochester 11/3/98), Man In The Long Black Coat (Tampa 1/30/99), Don't Think Twice (Troy 2/22/99), Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Tampa 1/30/99), Not Fade Away (Troy 2/22/99), Silvio (Tampa 1/30/99), To Be Alone With You (Troy 2/22/99), Little Moses (Minneapolis 9/2/92), The Times We've Known (New York City 11/01/98), Shake Sugaree (Atlanta 12/01/97), Watching The River Flow (Tallahassee 2/1/99), Make You Feel My Love (New Orleans 2/3/99), Love Sick (Nashville 2/6/99), Blowin' In The Wind (Tampa 1/30/99), Newry Highwayman (Belfast 6/19/98), Visions Of Johanna (Portland 2/25/99), I And I (Dijon 7/1/98), Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie (Hamburg 6/12/98), Friend Of The Devil (Binghampton 2/19/99), Tears Of Rage (Troy 2/22/99)

DEEP: Sound is excellent throughout. The package is nifty: a color glossy housing, with an eight-page booklet including a track by track review as well as snazzy pics. A fine listen.