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Wild Wolf 99-001/2/3/4/5 5CD [T-679]

NOTE: This set, collected from Dylan's four small-venue appearances during off-days from the Dylan-Simon tour, omits all encores from Detroit and some encores from Cincinnati.

DEEP: Stunning, smartly configured, "raise the bar" box set of club shows from Summer '99. What we have here are 4 shows on five disks, with repeated encores omitted. This set is a killer. Impeccably housed in first-class packaging. Most important, the sound quality throughout is particularly fine, up close and personal for each show. A joy of a listen at over six and a half hours! Performance highlights are too numerous to detail; this one warrants repeated listens and the track listings speak for themselves.

NOTE: A fan project cloned from this set, with cover slips designed for standard CD cases, also circulates.