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DB 2CD [T-670]

(1) Sands Casino (Atlantic City, NJ); February 27, 1999 (early)
(2) Sands Casino (Atlantic City, NJ); February 27, 1999 (late)

Tracklist: (1) (2)
DEEP: Both Atlantic City February 1999 shows, complete, on two disks in "just shy of excellent" audience quality but by no means from the mixing desk. Both performances are quite good, the sound is there and it's a shame that Dylan chose not to be a little more adventurous with the set list, despite including a few gems. A worthwhile addition to the live canon.

rmd: Not that great, really. For the first show, the sound is fairly upfront and clear but nothing to get excited about. The performance has some moments of inspiration, but on the whole the standard setlist and exhausted singer add up to "just another night on the road." The late show has the better setlist and performances, but the sound is overcooked and fuzzy. (BC)

NOTE: The label's claim that these are line recordings "from the mixing desk" is plainly false, and the cover slips are relatively crude.