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Montserrat 1927/28/29 3CD [T-661]

(1) Denver Hotel Tape (Denver, CO); March 13, 1966
(2) Pat Garrett sessions (Burbank, CA); February 1973
(3) Chicago Stadium (Chicago, IL); January 4, 1974
(4) Capitol Center (Largo, MD); January 15, 1974
(5) Other End (New York, NY); July 3, 1975
(6) Eric Clapton sessions (Malibu, CA); March 1976
(7) Massey Hall (Toronto, ON); April 19, 1980 (line)
(8) Marriott Marquis (near Mansfield, MA); July 10, 1986
(9) Madison Square Garden (New York, NY); July 17, 1986
(10) Forum (Montreal, QU); July 8, 1988
(11) Kingswood Music Theatre (Maple, ON); July 29, 1989
(12) Seashore Performing Arts Center (Old Orchard Beach, ME); July 15, 1989
(13) Panathanaikos Stadio (Athens, Greece); June 28, 1989
(14) Memorial Hall (Dayton, OH); November 9, 1991
(15) Oh Mercy sessions (New Orleans, LA); March 7-24, 1989
(16) Lansdowne Stadium (Ottawa, ON); August 22, 1992
(17) Performing Arts Center (Saratoga Springs, NY); July 26, 1989

Tracklist: (1) Positively Van Gogh, Don't Tell Him, If You Want My Love, Just Like A Woman, Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
(2) Billy 3, Goodbye Holly, Sweet Amarillo, Rock Me Mama
(3) Tough Mama, Nobody 'Cept You, Something There Is About You
(4) Wedding Song
(5) Abandoned Love
(6) Idiot Wind, Big River, Stepping Out, Stepping Out
(7) Gotta Serve Somebody, Covenant Woman, When You Gonna Wake Up, Precious Angel, Slow Train, Solid Rock, In The Garden
(8) You Win Again, I'm A King Bee, Let The Good Times Roll, Earth Angel
(9) House Of The Rising Sun
(10) Hallelujah
(11) My True La La
(12) Nothing But You
(13) House Of Gold; Crazy Love [Van Morrison w/Dylan]
(14) Confidential To Me
(15) Dignity
(16) Unbelievable
(17) Legend In My Time

NOTE: This set apparently includes the complete unreleased Solid Rock LP, recorded in Toronto in 1980, as mixed and sequenced to Dylan's specifications. Most other versions of the material append an extra, out-of-sequence, track, "Cover Down Break Through."

DEEP: A strange compilation, a wide array of tracks from various sources, almost all having appeared before on other releases. While the quality is fairly good overall, there is no coherence to the set, which seems to have been flung together without any thought. Still, many of the things on here are rather elusive, so this may serve those who desire the material on "real" disc and cannot get it elsewhere.