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Dandelion 072/073[T-641]

(1) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 17, 1987
(2) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 16, 1987
(3) Wembley Arena (London, UK); October 14, 1987
(4) Arena Civica (Milan, Italy); October 4, 1987
(5) POPB Bercy (Paris, France); October 7, 1987
(6) Palaeur (Rome, Italy); October 3, 1987
(7) Vorst Nationaal (Brussels, Belgium); October 10, 1987
(8) Schleyerhalle (Stuttgart, West Germany); September 29, 1987
(9) Valby Hallen (Copenhagen, Denmark); September 21, 1987

Tracklist: (1) Times They Are A-Changin', Like A Rolling Stone, Maggie's Farm, Forever Young, Dead Man Dead Man, I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine, Simple Twist Of Fate, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Watching The River Flow, Gotta Serve Somebody, Man Of Peace, I And I, Don't Think Twice, Tomorrow is A Long Time, Heart Of Mine, In The Garden; Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Chimes Of Freedom [w/Roger McGuinn]; Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [w/George Harrison]; Go Down Moses
(2) Emotionally Yours, To Ramona
(3) Lenny Bruce
(4) License To Kill
(5) House Of The Rising Sun
(6) Wicked Messenger
(7) Desolation Row, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Shot Of Love
(8) Joey, John Brown
(9) When I Paint My Masterpiece

DEEP: Another striking package from the folks at Dandelion, this one a color, glossy 20 page booklet full of some terrific "Temples In Flames" pics and a long essay. Some of the pictures have to be seen to be believed and portray Bob in both flattering and unflattering terms. A wonderfully packaged set that makes all prior 1987 Eurotour CDs take a seat far in the rear to this embarassment of riches. The complete Wembley is presented in oh-so-fine sound and the filler just takes it to another level. A near-perfect overview of the latter stages of Europe '87.

rmd: An absolutely stunning set with gorgeous, professional packaging. The sound quality of the main show is simply outstanding. Sound quality on the filler varies from outstanding to just good, with nothing unpleasantly bad. The performances are occasionally uneven, but still amount to a hoard of senseless riches. (DM)
rmd: Overall, a step backward from the great 1986 shows . In comparison, these renditions are flat and halfhearted.