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Dandelion DL 061/62 [T-637]

(1) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964 (line)
(2) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965 (line)
(3) Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA); September 3, 1965 (line)
(4) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); July 30, 1965 w/overdub

Tracklist: (1) All I Really Want To Do, To Ramona, Mr. Tambourine Man, Chimes Of Freedom
(2) Maggie's Farm, Like A Rolling Stone, Phantom Engineer, It's All Over Now Baby Blue
(3) She Belongs To Me, To Ramona, Gates Of Eden, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Desolation Row, Love Minus Zero, Mr Tambourine Man, Tombstone Blues, I Don't Believe You, From A Buick 6, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Maggie's Farm, It Ain't Me Babe, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Like A Rolling Stone
(4) Tombstone Blues [w/Chambers Bros]

DEEP A stunning upgrade of the virtually complete Hollywood Bowl soundboard. This one sheds what seems like 3 layers of skin from previous editions and emerges with a brightness and clarity that enhances the listening experience immensely. Bob's vocals are clear, distinct and without the distortion on the louder vocal passages. The acoustic set has more definition and a lot more "air" between the vocals and guitar. The electric set benefits even more from the significant upgrade - Robbie's guitar is more prominent, Kooper's keyboards more distinct and the drums have a punchier sound, more snap than thud. Bob's vocals are much clearer. The recording has a crisper, more defined and punchier sound with very little of the compression found on the earlier versions. The balance of the material is from Newport '64 and '65, missing several tracks. Quality is excellent in every way. A terrific package on this one with a vintage close-up cover shot of Bob, a heavy duty, 16 page glossy b&w booklet full of more vintage '65 and '66 pics (some unpublished, I believe), classy graphics and picture disk CDs. Essential.

rmd: Why, oh, why, did they cut away the introduction, and all the between-songs stuff? And why omit the Newport "Mr. Tambourine Man?" To make a few more people buy "Folk Rogue," or what? There would have been plenty of room on disc one of this set. I don't get it. I don't buy it. (SK)