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Scorpio GZ J81310/J70918/J70826 [T-636]

Tracklist: Hard Times in New York (Mackenzie Tapes, 11/23/61); Death Of Emmett Till (Mackenzie Tapes, January 1962); Sally Gal, The Girl I Left Behind (Oscar Brand show, 10/29/61); I Rode Out One Morning, House Of the Rising Sun (Mackenzie Tapes, 4/12/63); See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Ballad Of Donald White (Mackenzie Tapes, September 1962); Farewell (Witmark demo, March 1963); Percy's Song (Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63); I Shall Be Free #10, I Shall Be Free #10 (Another Side sessions, 6/9/64); If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Philharmonic Hall, 10/31/64); It's Alright Ma (Les Crane Show, 2/17/65); Tombstone Blues (Highway 61 outtake w/Chambers Bros); From A Buick 6 (Hollywood Bowl, 9/3/65); Visions of Johanna (Sheffield, 5/16/66); Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Liverpool, 5/14/66); Mr. Tambourine Man (Sheffield, 5/16/66); This Wheel's On Fire, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, I Shall Be Released, Too Much Of Nothing You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Basement Tapes 1967); Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire (Self Portrait outtakes, 5/3/69), Went To See The Gypsy, If Not For You, Sign on the Window (New Morning outtakes, spring 1970); Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Sweet Amarillo (Pat Garrett sessions, February 1973); Nobody 'Cept You (Montreal, 1/11/74); Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts, If You See Her Say Hello (BOTT test pressing, 9/12/74); Simple Twist Of Fate, Oh Sister (Hammond Tribute, 9/10/75); Rita Mae (Desire outtake, 7/14/75); Never Let Me Go (Renaldo And Clara EP, 12/4/75); Sign Language (Eric Clapton outtake, March 1976); Ballad Of A Thin Man, Blowin' In The Wind, Blowin' In The Wind (Rundown rehearsals, Jan/Feb 78); Shot Of Love, Watered Down Love (Shot Of Love outtakes); Tangled Up In Blue (Rome, 6/19/84); Couple More Years (Hearts Of Fire, August 1986); The French Girl (Grateful Dead rehearsals, June 1987); Series Of Dreams (Oh Mercy outtake, March 1989); Ring Them Bells (Great Music Experience 5/20/94); Handy Dandy (UTRS outtake, 1/6/90); TV Talkin' Song (UTRS outtake, March 1990); Anyway You Want Me (Sony Studios, NYC, 9/10/94); My Blue-Eyed Jane (Ardent Studios, Memphis, May 1994); Blind Willie McTell (WolfTrap, 8/24/97); Hard Times (Big Six-O, 4/28/93); Restless Farewell (Sinatra Tribute, 11/19/95)

DEEP: A startling collection of unreleased tunes and perhaps the most enjoyable and surprising of the 3 released so far. Once again, the packaging is more than deluxe: four panel gatefold glossy slipcase with picture sleeves for each disk, rare glossy Bob pics on each panel and a 40 page booklet replete with two dozen more rare, vintage photos. GBS3 is a desert island collection. The tracks flow together so perfectly and capture each of the many phases of Dylan's ever changing art perhaps as well as anything ever has.