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QRecords 23/24 [T-630]

(1) Forum (Inglewood, CA); February 14, 1974 (afternoon) (line)
(2) Forum (Inglewood, CA); February 14, 1974 (evening) (line)

Tracklist: (1) (2) Endless Highway, The Shape I'm In; Highway 61 Revisited, Like A Rolling Stone, Maggie's Farm

DEEP: A killer soundboard recording that easily eclipses the previously available circulating boards from Boston and New York City. Almost complete, the sound is oh so fine - clear and distinct, packing a wallop and perfectly mixed between voice and instruments with nice separation. Contains both Bob and The Band's sets and the performances are explosive. Sublime stuff. For those who think '74 was "ho-hum," this one will turn some heads and make you reevaluate. Nice package with some fine pics from the tour. Awesome set!

NOTE: For the afternoon show, the CDs include all the Band's performances except "The Shape I'm In," which appears on Before The Flood.