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Wild Wolf 6965 1CD [T-628]
Recently reissued on CDR by Head

(1) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 24, 1964 (line)
(2) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964 (line)
(3) City Hall (Newcastle, UK); May 6, 1965 (line)
(4a) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965 [afternoon workshop](line)
(4b) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965 [evening] (line)
(5) Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA); September 3, 1965 (line)
(6) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 25, 1965 (line)

Tracklist: (1) It Ain't Me Babe [w/Joan Baez]
(2) All I Really Want To Do, To Ramona, Mr Tambourine Man, Chimes Of Freedom
(3) Don't Think Twice
(4a) All I Really Want To Do
(4b) Maggie's Farm, Like A Rolling Stone, Phantom Engineer
(5) Tombstone Blues, It Ain't Me Babe
(6) It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Mr. Tambourine Man

DEEP: Terrific quality performances from Newport '64 and '65, some only recently circulating. The electric Newport has never been heard in better quality. The 2 "missing" tracks from the "first" Hollywood Bowl 9/1/65 tape are plugged in here, too. Presented in superb sound. Not to be missed.

ISIS: A thoughtfully arranged compilation vividly documenting Dylan's shuffle from acoustic to electric. At Newport in 1964, his vocals are crystalline, strained almost to the point of shattering and yet at the same time, confrontational and defiant. The performances are fresh and unhurried, majestic and captivating. One year later, Dylan plugs in and the world shifts a little on its axis - except that it all seems so innocent when you listen to it now. Astounding music, not fully polished; but that adds rather than detracts from its appeal. The Hollywood Bowl recordings are strangely delightful to listen to - full of light and space. A pleasant listen and momentously historical.