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Junkyard Angel 002 [T-606]

(1) John F. Savage Hall (Toledo, OH); February 15, 1998
(2) Madison Square Garden/The Theater (New York, NY) January 16, 1998
(3) Taj Mahal (Atlantic City, NJ); January 31, 1998
(4) Madison Square Garden/The Theater (New York, NY) January 17, 1998
(5) Prudential Hall (Newark, NJ); February 1, 1998
(6) Garde Arts Center (New London, CT); January 13, 1998
(7) Madison Square Garden/The Theater (New York, NY) January 20, 1998

Tracklist: (1) Absolutely Sweet Marie, I Want You, Can't Wait, You're A Big Girl Now, Silvio, Cocaine Blues, Masters Of War, Tangled Up In Blue, Million Miles, This Wheel's On Fire, Highway 61 Revisited, 'Til I Fell In Love With You, It Ain't Me Babe, Love Sick, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
(2) Not Dark Yet, Cold Irons Bound
(3) Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, Just Like A Woman
(4) Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
(5) Born In Time, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
(6) My Back Pages
(7) Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

DEEP: An excellent sounding, well balanced field recording with a nice, warm vibe to it. Clear separation and distinct instrumentation blend together for a perfect mix. Dylan's performances are full of depth and his unique phrasing and vocal inflections are in full bloom. The band is really into it, each track moving seamlessly into the next. The filler tracks keep the level high; this is a set deserving of high praise.

ISIS: Superb quality, well balanced with a warm natural feel. The vocals are defined, and the instrumentation is separated without feeling artificially isolated. Dylan's vocals are confident, warm, mellow. He explores the lyrics with new tenderness. The band meld together seamlessly, at one with each other and the music, supportive and inventive but unobtrusive. A superb disc - warm and soothing.

rmd: The sound and performances are absolutely faultless -- Dylan and his band on top form, and the filler's great too. The packaging, inexplicably using mid-70's pictures, is the only aspect of this set that should be faulted.