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Junkyard Angel 001 [T-600]

Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA); September 3, 1965 (line)

Tracklist: She Belongs To Me, To Ramona, Gates Of Eden, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Desolation Row, Love Minus Zero, Mr. Tambourine Man, I Don't Believe You, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, From A Buick 6, Maggie's Farm, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Like A Rolling Stone

NOTE: No longer recommended; incomplete. The complete recording now circulates commonly in equivalent quality.

DEEP: The first glass-mastered release from the recently surfaced Hollywood Bowl tape. If I may, the cover, a 1965 color close-up of Dylan's head in front of a microphone, is absolutely stunning. Quality is very good, same quality as the initial CDR release Western Electric. The show provides a revealing look at Dylan at the height of his unique powers during the acoustic set, which is compelling and IMO a more inspired performance than the '65 UK shows or even the '64 acoustic sets, for that matter. The electric set is a different story. You can sense the tentative, apprehensive nature of the performance, with the reins pulled back a bit and the confident, headlong burst into the fire that would characterize the '66 shows not yet in evidence. In any case, this one's a must, a major link in understanding the chain. Nice package with the previously mentioned cover and artwork all around.