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LS 001/002 2CD [T-572]

(1) Art Park (Lewiston, NY); August 16, 1994 (line)
(2) Roseland (New York, NY); October 19, 1994
(3) Roseland (New York, NY); October 20, 1994

Tracklist: (1) Jokerman, If Not For You, All Along The Watchtower, I Don't Believe You, Tangled Up In Blue, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Mama You Been On My Mind, Masters Of War, Hattie Carroll, God Knows, Man In The Long Black Coat, Maggie's Farm, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Girl Of The North Country
(2) If You See Her Say Hello, You're A Big Girl Now, Shelter From The Storm
(3) Simple Twist Of Fate, Joey [incomplete]

DEEP: A soundboard recording from '94 in very good quality, with a smidgen more hiss than on some circulating tapes. Strong show with some excellent peformances. The bonus trax from Roseland are spirited and include the truly unforgettable version of "Shelter From The Storm." A worthwhile disk despite some glitches.

EDLIS: A faulty tape of a very good show, badly presented on CD. The sound is very good but marred by some kind of crackling that runs through most of the Art Park recording. Several more glitches have been added during the mastering for CD; it seems like the source tape has been cut into several portions, and then these portions have not been brought back together all that successfully. While the sound on the filler tracks is excellent, they have been cloned from New York City '94. The fan project Lewiston, NY 16 August 1994, although still imperfect, is preferred.