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Scorpio 001/2/3 [T-559]

(1) Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); August 23, 1997 (line)
(2) Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); August 24, 1997 (line)

Tracklist: (1) (2)
DEEP: Both shows in their entirety from the wonderful WolfTrap gigs, taken from the hearing-impaired transmission. The first show is an upgrade from the show offered on Back At WolfTrap, with a much more rounded and balanced sound. The second show takes another step up in sound. The well balanced mix remains but the vocals are a bit more upfront and prominent on this show, which was another terrific performance. The acoustic tracks are amazing and every single pluck and strum comes through with all the nuances and subtle touches intact. Nice gatefold, glossy slipcase with cool "block" graphics house the 3 disks. These are certainly 2 keepers from the summer of '97.