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no label 2CD [T-549]

(1) Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); August 23, 1997 (line)
(2) Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo, Japan); February 10, 1997
(3) University Of Hartford (Hartford, CT); April 17, 1997
(4) Capitol Music Hall (Wheeling, WV); April 28, 1997
(5) Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center (Scranton, PA); August 12, 1997
(6) El Rey Theater (Los Angeles, CA); December 19, 1997
(7) Roxy (Atlanta, GA); December 1, 1997

Tracklist: (1) (2) Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
(3) Not Fade Away, I Want You, You Ain't Going Nowhere, Roving Gambler
(4) Long Black Veil
(5) One Of Us Must Know
(6) Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
(7) Shake Sugaree

NOTE: Several of the filler attributions are tentative. The CD packaging lists several incorrect (indeed, impossible) dates and variant titles for the filler tracks.