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Wild Wolf 6401 [T-541]

Unreleased Columbia album compiled from Town Hall (April 12, 1963) and Carnegie Hall (October 26, 1963)

Tracklist: Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie, Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Dusty Old Fairgrounds, John Brown, When the Ship Comes In, Who Killed Davy Moore, Percy's Song, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, Seven Curses

DEEP: The album, just as it was originally intended, complete with a color glossy reprint of the original intended cover plus a long essay by Bob that is vintage early 60's Bob wit and keen insight, written in that inimitable fashion. The classiest, most attractive and best put together single CD package that these eyes have ever seen. The music does for 1963 what All Hallows Eve does for 1964, Now's The Time For Your Tears does for 1965 and Live 1966 does for 1966 - Dylan at his best singing tunes that had not, and mostly would not, grace any of his official albums. Songs of wit, candor and insight that would have caused, had the LP been released, as much mixed-up confusion and study as the classics that followed. Taken from an original copy of the acetate in sharp, cutting, full bodied and true quality, the best to date of this material. Presented 34 years after the fact; packaged in a way that would have done 'em proud had it been issued like this in 1963.

CDG: A wonderful document of what Dylan was doing at the time. His acoustic performances are excellent. The packaging also includes one of Dylan's prose poems.