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Howlin Wolf BDAT03 [T-539]

Tracklist: Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts (BOTT test pressing); Hazel (Last Waltz, 11/25/76); The Water Is Wide (Eric Clapton sessions, 3/30/76); Stop Now, Stop Now (Street Legal outtakes); Don't Ever Take Yourself Away (Shot Of Love outtake); Precious Angel, Saving Grace (San Francisco, November 6, 1979); Caribbean Wind (San Francisco, November 12, 1980); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (San Francisco, November 17, 1980); Magic (Shot Of Love worktape); Heart Of Mine (Shot Of Love outtake); Jokerman, Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Infidels outtakes); Tangled Up In Blue (Renaldo And Clara, November 21, 1975 (evening)

DEEP: These tracks are not from acetates. Having said that, this is a collection of wildly unrelated but nicely selected tunes, presented (mostly) in chronological order. I believe many of the trax are available on other disks although the quality on here seems at least as good and, in some cases, better.

CDG: A weird compilation of some studio stuff (hardly any from acetates) and live tracks. Not really worth the trouble.