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Lucky 005/6 2CD [T-531]

Pinede de Juan-Les-Pins (Antibes, France); July 12, 1992

Tracklist: Hey Joe, I Want You, Maggie's Farm, Simple Twist Of Fate, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Memphis Blues Again, To Ramona, It Ain't Me Babe, Desolation Row, Don't Think Twice, Highway 61 Revisited, Joey, Times They Are A- Changin', Like A Rolling Stone, Just Like A Woman, All Along The Watchtower, Blowin' In The Wind

DEEP: An interesting show, to say the least, made more interesting as it's the last one of the European summer tour and they sound like they're playing together for the first time! Bob bobs and weaves his way through an 18 song set with much difficulty, his raspy growl worse for wear as he navigates through an oft-times out of tune and off-key performance by the band. Maybe they thought the previous gig was the last of the tour and celebrated a bit prematurely. Anyway, they got through it (with much difficulty) and Lucky gives us a nice quality peek at what went down. For all the negatives, it's got a certain charm, a sweetness, it's got life to it. It breathes, raspy and phlegmy and inconsistently, but it hacks on nonetheless.

CDG: A very good performance; the sound quality is very listenable, despite noticeable hiss.

rmd: Sounds much poorer than the circulating tapes. (Masato Kato)