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RZ001 1CD [T-518]

(1) Gerdes Folk City (New York, NY); September 1961
(2) Carnegie Recital Hall (New York, NY); November 4, 1961 (line)
(2) Gerdes Folk City (New York, NY); April 1962 (line)
(4) Cynthia Gooding's Apartment (New York, NY); April 1962
(5) Finjan Club (Montreal, QU); July 2, 1962

Tracklist: (1) Ranger's Command; [w/Jim Kweskin] San Francisco Bay Blues, The Great Divide
(2) Pretty Peggy-O, In The Pines, Gospel Plow, 1913 Massacre, Backwater Blues, Young But Daily Growin', Fixin' To Die
(2) Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance, Talkin' New York/Talkin' Folklore Center, Corrina Corrina, Deep Ellum Blues, Blowin' In The Wind
(4) Wichita, Rocks And Gravel
(5) Muleskinner Blues

DEEP: Early New York City material, including some heretofore unreleased-on-CD tracks. Nice, folky stuff here in quality that I imagine is as good as it gets in normal circulating circles. Historic performances from Gerdes and Carnegie Recital are sandwiched around cuts from Cynthia Gooding's apartment tape. The "Blowin' In The Wind" from Gerdes might be the first ever live version. An outstanding, historic collection of early trax with a smashing B&W pic on the cover of Dylan walkin' the streets of the Big Apple. Clear plastic tray w/pic behind adds another nice touch to an extremely classy looking package.

ISIS: A compilation of tracks dating back to Dylan's arrival in New York. Recording quality is as good as it gets throughout, all excellency and sympathetically mastered. Somehow though, as a compilation, it doesn't quite do the period full justice.

EDLIS: A collection of performances from 1961-62 reported to be in as good as quality as they get for these recordings. The quality varies a little from track to track and does contain some hiss.

CDG: A compilation of very early tracks in excellent sound quality. All nice stuff if you're interested in this era; but only the Gerdes sections include all the circulating material.

rmd: The sound quality is good, the songs are good and the performances are good. For those who like the pure guitar, harmonica and voice Dylan it is excellent. It reminds me of the years of my youth misspent going to folkclubs.